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Salesbase CRM Software
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Salesbase CRM Software
Salesbase CRM Software
Salesbase CRM Software
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Salesbase CRM Software
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  Marketing, Sales, Customer Service  

SalesBase CRM Software is a truly inspirational tool that will integrate all levels of your business, allowing you to build and strengthen relationships with each other, and with your customers.
SalesBase delivers Marketing, Sales, Customer Service & Support Capabilities combined with e-business and Business Intelligence Tools.

  • Plan, monitor and automate marketing campaigns - Manage marketing programs using real information to make effective tactical and strategic decisions. This will allow you to Measure and calculate ROI on campaigns. In addition measure against KPI through technology such as Digital Dashboards.

  • Profiling and Segmentation - Enhanced customer knowledge will enable you to identify profitable customer segments and market your products and services effectively. Data on consumer trends can be analysed quickly and efficiently for use in future business planning. Improving response rates with data-driven, customer-centric marketing.

  • List management - Create target lists based on advanced search criteria for all your campaigns. Creating and managing a complete target list avoiding duplication. Ensure consistent branding and communications by sharing marketing collateral across the organisation. Build and launch multi-channel campaigns integrating both your marketing and sales capabilities for maximum results.

  • Generate leads – Generate capture and distribute leads. Set up, manage and execute more effective and repeatable marketing campaigns. Capture, qualify and distribute more leads to your sales team.
  • Convert leads into sales – SalesBase can track all communications with potential customers, ensuring maximum service levels are maintained through the sales cycle and business is closed quickly and efficiently. Get a clear vision of your sales pipeline and where to focus your efforts for greatest reward. Increasing sales productivity and performance.

  • Monitoring sales campaigns – SalesBase provides insight into sales performance for individual sales people, sales campaigns, across the organisation or tracking individual sales leads. Allowing you to plan and monitor more targeted and effective sales and marketing campaigns. SalesBase will allow you to visualise in progress, won, and lost deals with technology such as the Digital Dashboard.
  • Information – SalesBase provides sales staff with accessible and up to date product and service information. Giving them the ability to make informed business decisions.

  • Sales forecasting - SalesBase will forecast against actual analysis increasing sales activity to meet sales goals/targets.

  • Reports – Sales Bases powerful integrated report generator allows limitless custom reports to track performance. Allowing you to create your own customised, professional and functional reports that meet your specific requirements.
  • Communication - Utilise cost-effective text or HTML email, fax, or print direct marketing campaigns to drive leads, run promotions, and communicate with customers & prospects
Customer Service & Support
  • SalesBase allows you to become more customer focussed, improving existing customer service, loyalty and revenues. Enhanced customer interaction will increase customer satisfaction and retention.

  • SalesBase allows instant access to key contact and customer information in one central location, allowing you to effectively track and resolve customer questions, issues, requests, and complaints. SalesBase enables you to configure specific case-related fields to track details of customer problems, effectively managing customer communications

  • SalesBase rewards customer relationships by opening up the lines of communication. Allowing customers to access information themselves through technologies such as the internet, integrating customers.

  • SalesBase allows you to make the best use of specialised knowledge by assigning and escalating cases based on expertise.

The System
  • Integrate Software will provide training and support with the implementation and use of the Sales Base. Giving you a CRM System that specifically matches the needs of your business.

  • SalesBase has advanced flexibility to match the way that you work, whilst successfully integrating of all aspects of your business.

  • SalesBase enables effective personnel and security management. Users can customise and personalise their settings.

  • SalesBase has a diary management facility for people and resources, along with 'travel time' facility to prevent appointment overlapping. 'Availability' function avoids diary conflicts.

  • SalesBase is up and running quickly without unnecessary disruption to your business.

  • SalesBase integrates with Microsoft Office applications for mail merge, broadcast email. In addition SalesBase fully integrates with most accounts systems - Sage, Access, TAS Books, Pegasus, Tetra, Navision, Scala and other Business Software and Integrate modules.

  • Comprehensive data import utilities enable third party data to be imported, improving information sharing / duplication of effort and streamlining support centre activities.

  • SalesBase enables remote synchronisation to allow off site working.
    Ongoing product development ensures regular updates with new features with additional costs.

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Salesbase CRM Software